Flat Elvis


With mixed emotions, we share that Flat Elvis will no longer perform after our existing January 12, 2024 gig.

Several factors went into this difficult decision, most important being the desire to spend more quality time with our spouses and extended families and to have the freedom to do more traveling. Some of us are approaching the age of considering and planning for retirement from our “real” jobs, and the timing seems right to step away.

You will undoubtedly see some of us show up in other bands and projects, but Flat Elvis “has left the building”. (Sorry, had to say it!)

It has been a WONDERFUL 15+ years with the current line-up of this band and we all still remain very close and get together outside of band commitments regularly. None of that will change.

All our fans, family, and friends have shown up in force consistently through the years with a massive amount of energy and excitement that made our jobs SO MUCH FUN! We can’t thank you enough!!

Richmond has many great and super talented bands, please continue to support the live music scene as well as all the venues that provide an outlet for that talent!

Keep on Rockin’,
~Flat Elvis

Yep, the name sounds like we’re Elvis impersonators or at least an Elvis cover band. Well, we may do an Elvis song (not currently, but you never know!), but that’s not who we are. We’re a group of musicians dedicated to having fun and making sure you do too! So, what’s up with the name? Simply put, there used to be this cardboard cutout…of Elvis…it was flat…the band needed a name…people liked the name. However, the cardboard likeness of the King has left the building (you didn’t really think we’d get through this without saying it did you?), but we kept the name, so there you go.

Richmond, Virginia’s own Flat Elvis…

…could be Presley…could be Costello…could be Crockett’s ‘gator from Miami Vice…who knows